“Like a religion,” John Updike once sagely mused, “a game seeks to codify and lighten life.” In live escape rooms, life is rigorously codified. And upon escaping it is duly lightened.


Live escape rooms are a type of physical adventure game in which you are locked in a room with other participants. The experience starts with you (the team) meeting the gamemaster, who briefs you on what will be happening over the next hour and gives you the rules for the game. The door is locked and a countdown clock begins. You will then have have to use different elements within the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and breakout from the room within 60 minutes. You must be observant and use critical/lateral thinking skills to escape the room. If you enjoy puzzles, teamwork and fancy yourself to be a regular Sherlock Holmes, then this is for you. Even if you don’t think you like those things, you still might be surprised to find yourself having a great time trying to breakout of a locked room.


The Riddle Room located in Koramangala and Play Arena, Sarjapur is where the lines between real world and fiction are blurred, and where the seemingly mundane is brought vividly to life. Don’t mistake this to be a video game or board game where you sit at a table with a group of people to get through and be the winner.You are physically inside the story and have to solve the multitude of riddles and ciphers to escape the room. All the pleasures are tactile. You find something not by punching keywords into a search bar, but by hunting and thinking things through.


Every game is designed in a manner that consumes you so much that you forget about the world outside and thus feel that this is an escape from reality. You can hence be rest assured that your experience with Riddle Room will be a memorable and unforgettable one.